• Album: Ch Cascade Rolling in the Deep (Adele)
  • Album: Ch Cascade Aim True (Amie)
  • Album: Cascade Belmont Stakes Carnation
  • Album: Cascade Kentucky Derby Rose
  • Album: Ch Cascade Orchestrated By Rustyco (Allie)
  • Album: Ch Cascade Cachorro Dalia Dos Lagos
  • Album: Ch Cascade Cachorro Jardin De Flores (Iris)
  • Album: Amer Ch Cascade Genisis (Geni)
  • Album: DelSur Cascade Mount Shasta (Shasta)
  • Album: Amer Ch DelSur Cascade Mount Saint Helens (Toutles)
  • Album: Ch Del Sur's Cascade Navigator (Cassie)
  • Album: Amer/Can Ch Del Sur's Makin Front Page News (Paige)
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