What Should I feed my Dog? What Should I feed my Dog?

The Whole Dog Journal is a great source of information. When it comes to food, get the best you can afford. I understand, not everyone can afford a $75 bag of gourmet organic human grade dog food. Nor would I force such an expensive diet. However, health comes from balanced nutrition, and I would prefer to see my dogs enjoy better food than Ol'Roy at Wal-Mart. In all seriousness, you should have a high quality kibble that varies based on age and physique. Supplements should be just that, supplements (not more than 25% of the diet). Commercial raw diets are available and encouraged. However, ensure you are nutritionally aware of the requirements around a raw diet; some leftover raw hamburger is not going to cut it.

Updated:Friday, July 06 2007 @ 05:30 AM PDT

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